I am very excited to announce the launch of the "Back to School" Fitness and Nutrition package in Zurich in conjunction with personal trainer Christine Chapman. Many people enjoy their Summer holidays a little too much and may need some help refocusing on their health and fitness goals. As children prepare to return to school, its the perfect time to prioritise yourself and your health. The package includes 3 x personal training sessions with Christine and 2 nutrition consultations with me at Gd Nutrition.

See the flyer for more information and message me to book your place. Please note, places are limited and it is a first come first serve offer. I look forward to hearing from you!


If you have children,  controlling their sugar intake can be a real challenge. This is a very important area though for all parents to address, especially as school will be starting soon and healthy food options may not be as widely available as you would hope. Sugar intake is not just about weight control and dental health, it affects concentration, immunity and energy levels too so it is vital children understand the impact it can have on them both in and out of school. 
My top tips? As well as avoiding the obvious sources of sugar (cakes, sweets, biscuits etc), avoid all of the following: processed foods which can be high in hidden sugars, breakfast cereals, soft drinks (including fruit juice), cereal bars and fruit yoghurts. 
Instead, to help keep blood sugar balanced, ensure meals include vegetables, healthy fats, protein and small amounts of wholegrain carbohydrates. It’s actually quite simple  😀
For more information on how sugar affects our children and for some great tips, read this great article.